tirsdag den 8. april 2008

Dank Apps facebook fundraising

I forlængelse af min sidste post og brugen af facebook-applikationer til at støtte og udbrede kendskabet til vigtige sager, har jeg opdaget et nyt facebook-initiativ fra Dank Apps. Med deres nye applikationer kan du generere økonomisk støtte til en sag ved at invitere venner og spille relaterede spil.

Fedt initiativ eller endnu en facebook-plathed? Jeg har ikke svaret, men vil helt sikkert prøve applikationerne af.

Dank Apps’ pressemeddelelse:

Dank Apps is Changing the World One Click at a Time
Posted on April 8th, 2008Everyone wins.

This is the simple yet profound mission of Social Change, the newest and
most innovative Social Network Utility to enter the World Wide Web. Social
Change does exactly what its name indicates—creates social change through
utilizing a user-generated fundraising and giveaway system to support the most
noble initiatives and organizations of our time. Social Change is the creation
of Dank Apps, known throughout the online community for its creativity and vast
success with the LOTTO application on Facebook. Dank Apps will now be turning
the tens of thousands of dollars given away to users from the LOTTO into
currency for Social Change. “At the core of Dank Apps is the understanding that
applications and platforms are only as strong as their devoted user communities,
and thus those communities should be rewarded for their loyalty. With Social
Change, Dank Apps wants to not only give back to our loyal community members,
but give back to the world community, for the greater good,” says Jason
Beckerman, Founder and CEO of Dank Apps. For every install of Social Change, two
cents will be given to charity; for every action within the application, further
investment is created. “We all want to do good. Now, with Social Change, you do
not have to give money to make a difference, but rather your online time and
actions become the currencies of charity,” states Mike Germano, Marketing
Director for Dank Apps.

Currently, Social Change raises funds and awareness for:

· The Clinton Global Initiative—HIV/AIDS Initiative - Earn For
· Breast Cancer Research Foundation - Earn For Breast Cancer
· The Nature Conservatory - Stop Climate Change Now

With many more organizations and initiatives to be added soon.

Jeg fik tippet ved at læse Beth’s blog.

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