lørdag den 14. juni 2008

Nyt fra Kiva

Lille opfølgning på min forrige post. Netop i dag dukkede en mail fra kiva op i min inbox med teksten

Dear Rikke Sorensen,

This is an update on your loan to Fatuma's Hakuna matata Group.

Thank you for your loan. It has been disbursed to the Fatuma's Hakuna
matata group, consisting of Fatuma Zuberi, Fatuma Mwazieni by BRAC
Tanzania in Tanzania. We are excited to watch this business grow. Over
the next 10 months, BRAC Tanzania will be collecting repayments from
this entrepreneur and posting progress updates on the Kiva website.

Kiva very much appreciates your responses online. You can read and
respond to this journal online at:


Så havde de alligevel ikke glemt de automatiske opdateringer :)

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